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      ABOUT Cozzy Corner

Cozzy Corner is a family owend and operated restaurant that opened July 5th 2012. Owner Natasha Banks and family                                                                                             are natives of Florida and Alabama.



     Coming from a large family and being so far away from home, I really missed my mom's cooking and our social      gatherings with family and friends. So homesick, I came up with this crazy idea to open a restaurant that would mimic my families love of music and show case my mother's recipes! My supportive husband/soulmate of 20 years gave me the     green light and Cozzy Corner was born. I am so greatful to the great people of the Fox Valley for allowing me to    

                                                                               share my mother's greatness with you.


                                                                                                 Hope you all enjoy!



P.S. Cozzy Corner is pronouced Cozy... the regular spelling was taken and I couldn't part with the name beacause of the                                                       location and the feeling that I got while remodeling the building.

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