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I was minding my own business taking photos of other people’s windows and the owners inside spotted me. They invited my dog and I in to get my opinion on the height of the booth seats and settle their debate. I thought they felt just right, so if the restaurant fails because everyone hated the seating I’ll probably have to delete this post.

The owners had their two young kids helping out and the whole family was extremely friendly. It was a lot of fun talking with them about the restaurant and I could tell they were passionate about their venture. If their passion and personality comes through in their food, this restaurant will epitomize southern hospitality.


Fox Valley Foodie



Yesterday I had lunch with my friends at the Cozzy Corner and all I can say is wow I had the ribs with mac n cheese and yams Soo good! Everyone was so friendly and the music was great!


Alyssa Simon 


Red Beans 10/10

Catfish 10/10

Fried Chicken 10/10

Gumbo 10/10

Jambalaya 10/10

Ribs 10/10

Pulled Pork 10/10

Collard Greens 10/10

Mac and Cheese 10/10

My family and I love this place. Great service and amazing food!

Jennifer T  Menasha WI




2 Meat Combo Ribs, Mac n Cheese, Collard Greens... Today I had What I call the Cozy Corner experience not to be confused with Jimi Hendrix. All I can say is WOW!!. Ribs best I ever had. This was my first taste of collard greens. MMMMMMMMMM! If your hungry and don't know what for this is the place. If you have not been there then GO!




“The chicken was fried and then coated with "hell sauce", and it definitely had a tasty kick! The beans were outstanding with nice pieces of spicy sausage, and the baked mac & cheese was a nice compliment to the heat of the chicken and beans. Sorry no photos, my hands were a mess and I was too busy eating! 


Steven Raichlen Barbecue Bible


“So happy!”


I cannot say how happy I was to meet my friends and this cozy place in downtown Appleton. Customer service is really important to me, and our waitress knocked it out of the park! Food was cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor! My new favorite spot!


                         Trip Advisor 


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